Owls & Scarecrow Devices

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In nature, the Great Horned Owl is a highly territorial apex predator with no natural enemies. Great Horned Owls naturally prey on the birds and other animals that might be pestering your home and feeding on your garden. Our scarecrow device mimics the Great Horned Owl and has been modeled with attention to detail. Each owl has amazingly realistic eyes and is individually hand-painted by craftsmen in the USA to give you the most realistic decoy device you can find to protect your home and garden.

Our owl is 16 inches tall and is completely hollow inside. Set the owl on any level surface to begin protecting your garden immediately. For windy areas, remove the plug on the bottom of the owl and fill with water or sand to weight it down. You can also mount it on a pole or broomstick.

Birds and pests can get accustomed to the owl when it is permanently installed, so we recommended that you intentionally use our scarecrow during periods when your home or garden needs the most protection. If you aren’t as concerned about pests, you can leave it in place season after season and enjoy it as an ornament.