Mow-Over Tree Stake Kit™
Easy Use:

Makes it easier to mow and you won't have to trim around stakes.

- Drive stakes flush with ground with notch in the stake facing away from tree.

- Attach one end of rope to collar (cut rope into 3 equal pieces; tie loop into end of each rope; install collar loosely to tree as shown - see illust (a) through (d)).

- Attach rope to pin by threading and knotting as shown.

- Slide pin into hole at top end of stake (position knot so that when pin is inserted into stake hole, rope will be slack).

- Remove excess rope by cutting off 1" - 2" beyond knot.

- Pull pins from stakes and hang on tree while mowing.

- Mow over stakes and area around tree.

- Replace pins.

For Best Results:
- Drive the 3 stakes (equally spaced) vertically into the ground outside the root system.

- Be sure that stakes are driven deep enough that mower blades cannot hit tops of stakes.

- Tree ropes should remain slack so that tree can sway in gentle breezes (strengthens trunk tissue and stimulates root growth.

- Remove collar and stakes at end of one year OR reinstall collar to re-establish loose fit to prevent damage from girdling as tree grows.