Inflatable Owl
Inflatable Natural Enemy Scarecrow® also deters birds from decks, rafters, window ledges, sailboats, boathouses, docks.

For gardens:

- Mount on top of a tomato stake or pole (1-1/2" square stake works best).

- Lace the tie-down saddle to hold Owl firmly in place.

For fruit trees:

- Mount near tree by lacing the saddle around a pole.

- Owl can also be hung from a string by threading through the gap under the "ears."

It is important to move the Owl around every few days so birds don't get used to it.
For Best Results:
- Install Owl before fruit ripens and feeding habits develop.

- Place Owl in a prominent position, so birds can see it.

- Move Owl around garden every few days.

- Check inflation periodically.

- Store indoors when season is over to prevent birds from getting used to it.