Easy one-time installation:

Landscaping Projects:

STEP 1: Unroll Pro-Shield™ and cut material to desired length. Fit around plants or cut slits in material to fit over plants. Overlap adjacent sections 3 inches. Secure ends of material to the ground with Gardeneer® Garden Staples™ (optional).

NOTE: Leave openings for daffodils, tulips and other bulbs so they can emerge from the ground in the spring.

STEP 2: Install new plants by cutting X's in Pro-Shield™ at the location of each new plant. Plant shrubs, trees and small plants through the material into the soil beneath.
STEP 3: Cover with layer of organic mulch. Cover completely with a 2 inch layer of pine needles, wood chips or shredded bark (or a thin layer of small, smooth landscaping pebbles) to protect it from the sun.

Under Patios & Sidewalks:

STEP 1: Prepare area by excavating to desired depth and fill area with crushed stone or other base material.

STEP 2: Lay down Pro-Shield™ over the base material; spread a 2 inch layer of sand over fabric and level the area.
STEP 3: Lay bricks, blocks or stone in desired pattern and spread sand in grout lines. Vibrate into place for a professional finish.
Small weeds may germinate in the top mulch but can easily be removed by hand.
For Best Results:
- Pro-Shield™ can be placed directly over grass but it is preferable to clear the area first. Prepare the planting area by spraying existing weeds and recurring ones with a nonselective systemic weed-killer (such as Roundup®) which kills to the roots.

- Alternatively, remove all existing grass and weeds before installation.

- For added protection, a pre-emergent herbicide soil treatment to prevent future germination of weed seeds is also recommended.