Weed Proof® with 1 Ft. E-Z Grid
Easy one-time installation:

STEP 1: Unroll Weed Proof® and cut material to desired length. Fit around plants or cut slits in material to fit over plants. Overlap adjacent sections 3 inches. Secure ends of material to the ground with Gardeneer® Garden Staples™ (optional). NOTE: Leave openings for daffodils, tulips and other bulbs so they can emerge from the ground in the spring.

STEP 2: Install new plants by cutting X's in Weed Proof at the location of each new plant. Plant shrubs, trees and small plants through the material into the soil beneath.
STEP 3: Cover with layer of organic mulch. Cover completely with a 2 inch layer of pine needles, wood chips or shredded bark (or a thin layer of small, smooth landscaping pebbles) to protect it from the sun.
Small weeds may germinate in the top mulch but can easily be removed by hand since the roots will not penetrate the fabric.
For Best Results:
- Weed Proof® can be placed directly over grass but it is preferable to clear the area first. Prepare the planting area by spraying existing weeds and recurring ones with a nonselective systemic weed-killer (such as Roundup®) which kills to the roots.

- Alternatively, remove all existing grass and weeds before installation.

- For added protection, a pre-emergent herbicide soil treatment to prevent future germination of weed seeds is also recommended.