Red Tomato Tray™
- Plant tomatoes in the sunniest spot.

Work up the soil approximately 12" deep in a 2' radius around the plant.

- Mix low nitrogen slow release fertilizer into the center area.

- Set your tomato plant deeply into the ground.

- Carefully place Red Tomato Tray around the plant, so that the stem and leaves are through the center hole.

- Push the tray firmly into the ground, making sure the four spikes penetrate the ground fully and the outer flange is flush with the ground.
- Fill all four spikes with low nitrogen slow release fertilizer.

- Cover all flanges with 1" of soil.
- Fill pan with water, and water the plant generously through the center hole.

- Drive stake into ground next to Tomato Tray or install cage around it.
NOTES: Red Tomato Tray™ can also be used for peppers and other vine crops.