Rotating-Head Owl™
Natural Enemy Scarecrow®

For gardens, berry bushes, and grapevines:

- Mount Owl on top of a tall pole and drive pole firmly into the ground (Owl must be positioned vertically for head to move properly).

- Move Owl every few days.

For rooftops and ledges:

- Secure Owl by tying in place or weight heavily.

- Owl can be filled with sand or gravel for more stability (use enclosed stopper).

It is important to move the Owl every few days and to place it in a prominent spot to be most effective.
For Best Results:
- Owl must be positioned vertically for head to move properly.

- Place Owl BEFORE fruit ripens and feeding habits develop.

- Place Owl in a prominent place so birds can see it.

- For added effectiveness, move Owl around garden every few days.

- Use ONLY when pests are being destructive, remove at other times.

- Store indoors when season is over to prevent pests from getting used to it.