3/4" polypropylene mesh with U-V inhibitors for long life.

For vertical fence:

- Hang and secure to posts placed no more than 15 ft. apart.

- To prevent draping, thread wire through mesh at top of fence and secure to posts.

- To create an 8 ft. fence with 7 ft. high net, elevate 1 ft. from ground and secure at bottom with wire attached to posts (fence must be taut to prevent deer from pushing under it).

For slanted fence:

- Hang fencing from vertical posts that are no more than 15 ft. apart, so that top of fence is 6 ft. high.

- Fencing should be slanted away from area you wish to protect at 45 degree angle.

- Optional slanted leg posts can be used for additional support.

- Key to effectiveness using this method: keep undergrowth mowed as the deer will walk under the overhang and be discouraged from jumping the fence.

For shrub protection:

- Create "invisible" barrier by covering shrubs, trees and ornamental plants and secure firmly to the ground (black-colored netting blends into plants and landscape).

For Best Results:
For repeated use, store indoors or away from sunlight as soon as harvest protection is no longer needed.