Better Reds™ Red Mulch Film
Better Reds™ reflects a specific range of light frequencies (far-red light) found in sunlight into the undersides of your crop's leaves and to the developing fruit. Research shows that some plants respond especially well to certain wavelengths of light - specifically, tomatoes.

Installation Instructions:

For new planting:

- Unfold Better Reds™ Red Mulch Film and lay flat on prepared garden soil.

- Cut an 'X' in the center of the 3'x3' square.

- Fold back the red film and dig a hole large enough for your seedling.

- Place plant in center, pack dirt back around seedling and then bring red mulch film back around plant.

- Use Garden Staples™, Garden Pegs™ or simply use rocks to hold down corners.

For established plants:

- Unfold Better Reds™ Red Mulch Film.

- Cut a slit from one side of the 3'x3' square to the center.

- Cut a 3" hole (approx.) and fit material around your plant.

- Use Garden Staples™, Garden Pegs™ or simply use rocks to hold down corners.

Note: You may plant more than one seedling per 3'x3' square if you are spacing your seedlings together, and if you place squares of Better Reds™ side by side.

Removing Better Reds:

- At the end of the season, cut tomato plant stem/stalk at the base and remove film.

- Shake off excess dirt, rinse with water and allow to air dry.

- Fold sheets for storage until next spring.

Perforated to allow water and air to reach plants.
For Best Results:
- All usual pre-planting soil preparation should be done prior to installing red mulch film.

- Drip-irrigation or soaker hoses may be installed under the film.

- The smoother the surface, the better the reflectivity will be; keep the film taut using Garden Staples or heavy objects such as stone or bricks in the corners.

- Windblown dust or dirt, residue from spraying, etc. may cause a buildup of surface dirt. Periodically clean the film surface with water.

- Minimize the potential growth of fungus and other plant diseases by avoiding excessive wetting of the plant's leaves, especially in the evening.