Premium HammerEdge™
Fast and easy to install: keeps mulch in, keeps grasses out.

Basic Installation:

- First, lay out the shape of the edging run using string, rope or a garden hose.

- Assemble edging by inserting Bead End [A] into End Channel [C].

- Using a small mallet or hammer, hit the hammer points to drive each piece into the ground.

- Dampen ground if soil is extremely hard and compacted.

- Hammer part way to contain bark chips and mulch; hammer deeper to block grass and root growth.

- To create a circle, pre-assemble sections of edging in a standing circle and hammer each section to desired depth.

For Right Angles:

- Assemble 2 sections and bend to the desired right angle at the Hinge Line shown in illustration.

- For intermediate length corners, shorten a section just past one of the Right Angle Channels [B] by scoring with a knife and snap, or saw to remove excess.

In very hard clay soil, or in rocky soil, it may be easier to slit the ground with a straight shovel before pounding into place.
For Best Results:
- For tree circles: Create a circle around trees to contain mulch or flowers and keep grasses out.
- For containing mulch: Hammer part way to create a border to keep mulch from washing away.
- For flower gardens: Extend edging at right angles to divide bulbs and perennials by variety and color.
- For containing grass & ground cover: Hammer deeper to create a border to keep the root system of grass and ground cover plants from spreading.